For Sale - Kristian Saks

The work has been printed on the highest quality baryta paper and mounted onto aluminium
composite place, which is encased on a black wooden box frame and come with a Digigraphie certificate.
The prints are limited and each is available in seven originals.
Each print is available in the designated size and all prints have been divided into three size categories.


The large category prints measure 70x100 cm together with the frame. At the moment there are only four works available as large prints and they are made special by nature adding delicate textures on the surface of the paper. Large prints cost 390 euros.


Medium prints measure 45x90 cm together with the frame and cost 320 euros.


Small prints measure, together with the frame, 50x70, 60x60 and 70x58 depending on the print's aspect ratio. Small prints cost 245 euros.
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